Monthly Yoga Membership
RM100.00 • Renews every 1 month

Students may use this membership subscription to join Yoga virtual classes for:
- Saturday Morning Yoga
- Weekday Morning Yoga

Valid for: Morning Yoga Class

Abundance Inner Circle Membership
RM188.00 • Renews every 1 month

Private Facebook Group

Monthly Live coaching

Weekly group Q & A

Valid for: Positive Intelligence 6-Week Program, Yoga For Fat Loss


Mental Fitness Yoga Full Program
RM1,188.00 • 5 credits

Student is enrolled in the 6-Week Positive Intelligence (PQ) Coaching Program and Yoga class (once a week) until the program is completed.

Student is given the PQ Apps to participate in the program, take the Saboteur Assessment, watch the coaching videos (by coach Shirzad Charmain) and practice guided PQ Reps in the gym sessions, private Q & A with me as your mental fitness coach support.

More information regarding Positive Intelligence here.

Valid for: Positive Intelligence 6-Week Program, Morning Yoga Class

Namaskar By The Beach
RM88.00 • 1 credits

1 Hour Vinyasa Yoga

30 minutes of 'Unblock your Abundance' Guided Meditation

Abundance Bento Box (Healthy breakfast, Essential Oil blend, customised yoga towel, bottled fizzy water)

Fun Fun Fun with friends!

Valid for: 5 Days Free Yoga Challenge For Body Aches

Yoga With Friends
RM50.00 • 1 credits

Nervous to join yoga class by yourself? No problem. Gather a group of friends and have a yoga session online.

Valid for: Yoga With Friends

Unblock Your Chakra Program
RM397.00 • 3 credits

This is a 7 weeks program. Designed for unblocking and balancing your 7 main chakras, through yoga practice, essential oils, and frequencies.

Why is it important to unblock your chakras? When chakras are blocked, the flow of energy is also blocked and therefore mental and emotional issues start creeping up and stored in our body organs. Hence diseases and body discomfort/ache start to appear.

Feeling stuck and sense of insecurity tend to happen when Root chakra is damaged.

Enrol today and learn the step-by-step how to open your chakras and vibrate high frequencies to attract abundance into your life.

Valid for: Chakra Yoga